Channel Your Inner Muppet

I was having a rough day yesterday, and after talking to the other half, I realized that I have a theory about the Muppets (well I mean, who doesn’t?). My theory is that whenever you feel like you’re lacking, channel one of them and everything turns out alright. (and yes, this is the kind of stuff we talk about. Isn’t he amazing?)

See, Jim Henson was brilliant at taking archetypes and turning them in to puppets that represent all the different parts of humanity. So, Kermit has the best parts of a leader. Fozzy, the best parts of an everyman. Miss Piggy has high self-esteem and determination. Put them all together and you have the perfect person. And while there’s no way you can become a Muppet, (though there are some days I wouldn’t mind being a squishy, cute puppet), there is a way to become more zen and channel your inner Muppet.

Ok, Jamie, you were smoking something last night. We get it. What the hell do you mean by channeling your inner Muppet?


Miss Piggy

Well, like I was yesterday, say you’re feeling down about yourself. You feel like no-one could love you, you’re no good at whatever you’re trying to do. You just suck. Now think about Miss Piggy. She’s a PIG. And yet, she LOVES everything about herself. She loves how she looks, she loves how she acts, she’s unapologetic about going after she wants, and is convinced she deserves it. There’s no self esteem problem here, no worry that her ego is too big or she loves herself too much – that’s what makes her great. She doesn’t worry that her dreams won’t come true. She knows it’s going to happen, and now it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the universe catches up. Yeah, channel a little of her brazenness, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.



Or how about when you’re feeling like the odd-man-out – that you’re just too weird for anyone to get you, or that you’re too different for the people around you? Well, just channel a little Gonzo. That little blue guy REVELS in being different. He embraces what makes him weird, and then amps it up. And you know what. It works for him. He accomplishes some crazy stunts, falls in love with a chicken, and his life is all good. (you may want to hold off on the chicken part, but the rest is golden).



And for us creative types, what do you do when you feel like everything you’ve written sucks the big one, that you’ll never write anything worthwhile, that you should just give up. Well, take a page out of Rowlf’s book. He’s calm, down to earth and yet an amazing composer and musician. He doesn’t let it get to him, he just plugs along and does what he needs to do to create his art. He’s got a great sense of humor about himself and the world around him, and he never takes himself too seriously. Something I think we can all channel more of.

So, what do you do when you’re not feeling good about yourself or need a pick-me-up? It’s time to wonder WWPD? (What would Piggy Do?) cause she’s fabulous, and so are you!



  1. I love this concept. 
    BTW I leant when diving that you cannot panic if you hum the Muppet Song to yourself – it’s just not possible.

    •  That’s a fantastic point – I will have to remember that the next time I’m freaking out! LOL

  2. You’re awesome, Jamie. I so needed to read this post. I will channel Animal for the rest of the day. Bang on things loudly, yell crazy gibberish at people who get in my way and still be the kick ass rock star I am. <3 

    •  Excellent! My job here is done!! Go on and rock with your bad self 🙂

  3. I think this post just made me realize I’m more like Miss Piggy than I ever wanted to be. But it’s sort of a good thing? : Bahahaha, awesome blog post, Jamie. 

  4. Awww heehee.  Okay confession.  As a child watching the Muppet Babies I HATED Fozzy.  He always messed everything up for everyone.  He’s like that cousin who has no job and crashes on your couch and accidentally burns every pot in your kitchen and gets you embroiled in his drama.