Work in Progress Wednesday

Ah yes, my wonderful WIP. The poor thing has been sitting, abandoned on my dining room table for two weeks now. I’d printed it out all nice and fresh on paper, ready to start editing, and do you think I’ve even touched it? Of course not.

I even went through and made a chapter by chapter list of things that I need to fix/add/tighten etc. But instead of making me excited to dig in, I think it had the opposite effect. Now that I see exactly how much work I have in front of me, I am not looking forward to it.

Revisions are not my favorite part of the process. Some people love to get into a story, cutting and fixing and adding. And once I start, I really don’t mind it myself. Unfortunately it’s the starting that’s the hardest part. Cause really, where *do* you start? The whole thing needs to be torn up and redone. In my case, words and descriptions need to be added. Emotions need to be felt. I’m a fast first draft writer because I dump it on paper not caring how it comes out. It’s the revisions that take me forever.

I had hoped to have this one all ready to go for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart competition in November, but now I’m doubting it’ll happen. We’ll see if I can get myself into a schedule, at least a first pass by October 1st would be nice. Anyone want to hold me accountable???