WIP Wednesday

Well, that was a longer blog break than I expected! Did you miss me? *grin*  Well, I’m back now, and full of stuff to talk about, so buckle in!

I haven’t told you much about my current WIP (do you need to use current when describing a WIP? I suppose most people assume it’s your current one…). Ahem. Anyway, I don’t talk much about my stories when writing them, but now that I’ve finished my first draft, the words won’t stop flowing!

Basically, it’s a contemporary YA fantasy set in Japan, spanning both modern and medieval times. And I’m so freaking excited about it I can’t stand it! I’m sure it’s the first draft crush, but still, it feels so much better than my previous stories. I know there is a ton of work left to do – I write *very* lean first drafts, and there’s so much to research and get right. But rather than being daunting and horrible like usual, I’m actually starting to look forward to revisions! I’d been planning on waiting until September to begin, but I think I’ll take a two week break and start toward the end of this month.

(Please remember how cheerful and upbeat I sound about this now…I have a horrible suspicion I’ll be whining about editing soon enough! I might need you guys to remind me 😉

So I’m going to spend the next two weeks reading my heart out and catching up on that TBR pile. And then back into the slog. Anyone have suggestions on books I should be reading during my writing break?

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  1. Definitely hold on to the joy of that first draft crush. It's such a high!

    As for good books, I just bought Incarceron by Catherine Fisher which I'm totally looking forward to reading, along with the new Artemis Fowl book and The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. They were all recommended to me so I'm hoping they're good!