What are Your Goals for 2011?

I was running through my blog reader the other week and spotted a post on Krista’s blog where she was talking about her goals for 2011 and it got me thinking – after looking back at what I did in 2010, what are my own writing goals for the coming year? I usually have a vague idea of the projects I want to work on and what I want to accomplish, but this year I thought I’d take a page from her book (HA! Bad pun…sorry!) and write out what exactly my goals are. And then, I’ll have you guys to hold me accountable 🙂

 So here goes.

1. Finish revisions on my WIP – Contemporary YA Fantasy set in Japan. My goal is to have this done by March 1, 2011

2. Query the YA to agents starting in March or April

3. Market my short story being released in May MARCH!!!!

4. Re-work an adult sci-fi story that wasn’t working for me into a YA sci-fi novel. This will probably involve a total re-write, but I do have the bones laid out and may be able to salvage a few things.

I think that’s it for 2011. I could potentially write some short stories in there some place, but I’m not great at them, and I’d rather focus on my longer works. It doesn’t seem like a ton of stuff to do, now that I’m looking at it, but  I don’t always work as fast as I’d like, so I guess they’re manageable goals. I know the total rewrite/edit is going to take at least 6 months, so I suppose I have my marching papers for the last half of the year. Though I do have a few other stories lined up, in case I change my mind…my steampunk zombie YA does seem to be calling my name lately 🙂

How about you guys? Do you write out your goals for the coming year? What do you have on your plates? What are you excited about?


  1. Bah, link my blog properly :p http://www.kristadball.com/blog Trouble maker :p

    I think goals are great for everyone. Some people make just a couple, so that they don't feel pressure. Some (like me) need the pressure and purposely make slightly too high of goals for themselves.

    I work pretty fast, but in spurts. I generally know when I will be spurting (ha!), so I plan my year accordingly. Right now, I am 2 months ahead on my schedule, so I took a little time off. My head is almost ready to be back in the game now.

  2. Oops! Sorry about that – not sure what happened. It's fixed now.

    Wow – 2 months ahead – that's fantastic. I'm hoping to get some work done during the holiday break, so maybe I'll finally catch up 🙂 If not, at least I have the goals to keep me going!

  3. I'm starting to formulate my goals for next year. If I can get my thoughts together I'll post about them next Wednesday! Your goals are fantastic and all sound very doable. In fact, you've inspired me to rewrite an old story of mine that I've been thinking of making into a YA novel. Thanks!

  4. Can't wait to see what your goals are, Heather! And I'm so excited you're thinking of reworking an old story – always a fun challenge 🙂 We can commiserate!

  5. Great goals!!! Good luck with querying! I'll be querying my YA Dystopian in the new year as well. It's been over a year since I queried; I'm hoping for more positive results than last time, LOL!

  6. Start a newsletter to send to followers. Also, finish 3 new draft manuscripts and edit the 3 I wrote this year. Promote the one release I have coming out in June and plan an event for each month for networking. Join a critique group or create one using meetups.com and build my groups on http://www.yalitchat.ning.com as well as improve them. I believe I'm going to have a really busy year, lol! If I meet all of my goals.