We Interrupt this Blog…

So shockingly, I actually had another post scheduled for today. Amazing, I know, especially since I’ve been a blogging slacker lately. But this news was just way too EPIC to keep talking about computers and software.

Because MY AMAZING CP LEIGH ANN is now AGENTED by Tricia Lawrence from the Erin Murphy Literary Agency!!! Hop on over to her blog to check out her post. I will admit, I actually started crying while reading.

And now you all get to listen to me SQEEEE!!! I am SOOO happy for her – she deserves this SO MUCH and I cannot wait to have the whole world read One – her amazing manuscript.

So there’s no real competing with Megan and her fantastic Gif parade (yeah, you should probably click over to see this craziness). Or Chessie and HER amazing selection. And of course Angi’s sob-worthy post. And I’m sure there are many more that I’m missing, because you know what? Leigh Ann has so many fans that I can’t even count. And what’s even more telling? We’re all so FREAKING happy for her! I can’t think of another community where that would happen.

So, I think there is only one fitting end for this post. One image that really gets across what I’m feeling right now. And so, I leave you with this… CONGRATULATIONS LEIGH ANN!!!

*Muppet Flail*


  1. JAMIE!!!!! *sobs* THANK YOU!!!

    I’m SO GLAD I stalked you all the way back in December! Where would I be without you and one of my top five comfort reads???

    Can’t wait to hug you for real SOON. LOVE YOU LADY!!!


  3. LOL! Love the muppet flail!!! SO happy for her!!