I am a recent convert to Twitter. My last job blocked the site, so I didn’t see much point in joining. But now that I have, I’ve really noticed what an interesting medium it is. I’m following a bunch of writers and agents (as well as a few friends) and it’s very clear to me the people who are comfortable and actually enjoy twitter, as opposed to those folks (like me) who still might not exactly know what to say.

I have to admit I’m rather envious of the “voices” some of these people have. Their posts are witty or funny, or just plain interesting, and in every single one of them, you can tell it’s them. I have to assume that their books (if they’re authors) also have a very recognizable voice.

As a writer, I am still struggling with my voice both in my work and my blogging/twitter use. Partly I think it’s because I’m not an open person to begin with, and you need a certain amount of honesty and comfort with who you are to really have authenticity. I’m not entirely sure how to go about fixing that and finding the voice that I’m comfortable with. I know writers better than I have struggled with this, and there’s no easy solution. And as a writer, do you actually ever *know* your own voice or recognize it? Or is it more of something that identifies you to other people and that you can’t see yourself?

All questions I wish I had an answer to. But, at least now I’m aware and looking for that intangible thing that comes across as You. I’m hoping I find it sooner rather than later!


  1. I believe voice is like a dialect or accent to your own words. You don't notice it because you hear it all the time. But others do.

    All you can attempt is to get inside the head of your characters and be true to their natures and sense what they would say and in what manner they would say it. May your writing dreams come true, Roland

  2. That's a really good point. Sometimes your character's voice becomes your own. And sometimes it's the other way around!

  3. Voice is a weird thing. Somehow I think I've found mine, but once in a while I'll blog or comment, and think, "Who wrote that?"

    Good luck on finding your voice. It's in there, somewhere!

  4. Thank you! I'm hoping I'll have better luck finding it with my current WIP. We'll see though!

  5. I am on the never-ending quest to find voice, too. I've noticed the same thing as you, except on blogs (I still haven't braved the Twitter world). Some writing blogs have a very clear voice, and I noticed those that do, all those writers already have an agent or are published. I've repeatedly heard agents say they are looking for original premises, strong voice, and clean writing. So voice is very, very important but still very, very elusive!!