The Trouble with Queries

So much for posting on a regular basis! I’ve been a little distracted, otherwise known as obsessive/compulsive about the query process that I started at the end of February. I think I must have written about 25 versions of my query by now, but I just can’t seem to get one that I’m happy with! They’re either too generic sounding, or they don’t quite capture the essence of the story. Unfortunately, at this point in time I think I’m so past the point of objectivity, that I’m never going to be happy with it.

The wonderful Evil Editor posted an earlier version to critique earlier today, and he had some really helpful suggestions on how to clarify a few things, so he gave me hope at least that it’s well written. I suppose that’s half the battle right there. I just want to write something that is really going to get an agent’s attention. In this market it’s not good enough just to be well written, it has to wow them, and unfortunately, I’ve only had 1 partial request so far. But I suppose 1 is better than none!

Ah well, it’s early days yet. I’m going to try and not get discouraged until I’ve had 40 rejections. Though dear god I hope I get an offer WAY before that!!!