The Future is Now!



I am so excited to be participating with dozens of other Young Adult Science Fiction authors in a newsletter campaign that starts tomorrow (the 13th)!

Most of us — me included! — will be offering our YA sci-fi novels for FREE or a REDUCED PRICE tomorrow, Friday, March 13! (Ultraviolet Catastrophe will be on sale for the first time ever!)

There will be some amazing YA sci-fi novels you’ll be able to get for very little money, but ALSO, we’re going to be giving away 2 Kindles and a load of cash in gift cards.

The ONLY way you can get access to the free and reduced price books and enter our giveaways is through one of our newsletters. You can sign up for mine here.

My newsletters are pretty infrequent. Maybe once a quarter, or a little more often if I have news. Never more than once a month.

If you want in on some fantastic YA sci-fi books at some pretty great prices, you should definitely sign up today, because this HUGE celebration of YA science fiction is happening tomorrow!!

Oh, and you can join us in our public Facebook group to talk about YA sci-fi and stay connected with your favorite YA sci-fi authors!