The Best Book You Can Write

I’m not sure what the universe is trying to tell me today, but I’ve had several conversations with crit partners today echoed by extremely insightful blog posts by some of my favorite bloggers.

Conversation #1 was about the search for an agent, and how discouraging the whole process is. I am in the beginning stages, so I have no right to be discouraged yet, but the whole process makes me question my work and ability as a writer. What if I don’t find an agent? What if I don’t find a publisher? What if my book is never published? Why did I think writing a trilogy was a good idea!!? Well, the wonderful Justine Larbalestier, one of my favorite writer/bloggers, had an inspiring post on her blog today. Check it out.

In the post, she basically says there’s nothing you can control but how good your book is. And she’s right. It’s no use worrying about everything else. If you write to the best of your ability, it’s enough. Even if your book never sees the light of day. I need to remember that more!

The other post was by an agent at the Caren Johnson agency – Elana Roth. She’s a fantastic YA agent, and I came upon her post in my daily rounds after discussing with a friend that we never knew when to stop messing with our manuscripts. Her insightful post really hit home for me today. I’m prone to the “fiddling” myself, and this is a good reminder that it’s never going to be perfect, no matter how hard I try.

So what is the universe trying to tell me? Stop messing around with edits and just relax. If it’s supposed to happen it will, and either way, you know you’ve written a good story. A lesson I think all of us writers need to remember!