TGIFriday and an Excerpt

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at work, and it looks like it’ll continue until early April at least, so of course blogging has kind of fallen off my radar. But all of my fantastic CPs out there are writing wonderful blog posts that are filling up the interwebs with lots of good vibes, so I don’t feel like anyone’s really missing out.

However, I did get a poke today from one of them for an excerpt from my WIP. It’s technically not a new WIP, it’s one I started a couple of years ago and abandoned when a shiny new idea about a Time Dragon struck me. But I’ve finally gone back and taken a look. And found it’s kind of a fun concept, even if a lot of it does have to be reworked. I mean, how can you go wrong with space ninjas, a hot teenage genius, and a thief who’d steal her mother’s last dime?

So…for your Friday reading pleasure, I give you the (still unedited) opening of The Star Thief. Hope you enjoy!

Renna shifted on her heels, crouched behind a dumpster for the fourth day in a row. She rubbed the back of her neck and tried to work out the kink as she watched the hulking warehouse. She should have known better than to trust Boyd when he said a job would be easy. But really, who was she kidding? She was a month late on rent and getting low on credits. She would have taken it, even if it had meant breaking into Federation Headquarters where her Wanted holo-vid was plastered to every wall.

A guard passed by at the end of the alley and she pulled back into the shadows. The outside of the warehouse itself seemed typical, but whatever the Mancusi family stored inside the building had to be important – there were four guards on duty at all times, a deadly electric fence that surrounded the compound, and even from where she hid, Renna could see the blue glow of the laser locks on each door.

Luckily, after this long of a stakeout, she had the routine of the warehouse down. If she timed it just right, she could sneak in the back door when Guard Number Four went for his daily constitutional. She shivered. Renna didn’t know what the man ate, but it sure did keep him regular as clock work.

Now all she had to do was get past the electric fence. Renna slung her black, polythene bag over her shoulder and hitched her ponytail tighter. She should have cut off her hair ages ago, but the long, dark locks were her one claim to beauty.  And she was vain enough to enjoy the occasional complement. Even thieves had their weaknesses.




  1. *salivates*

    And, oh! She’s almost as vain as I am!!!

    Yes. Please.

    Okay, and now I really really really have to know what’s in there. (I think I might know. Maybe.)

    Thanks for not calling me out by name. You are full of class. 

  2. I love this! Basically, I’m all over thief characters anyway, but this is such a great opening! LOVE the last couple of sentences *grin*