Syncronicity – Or What to do When the Universe Hands you a Story

Sometimes being a writer is believing 6 impossible things before breakfast. And sometimes it’s believing when they happen to you. I’m about to get a little metaphysical here, so make sure you have your coffee.

So, I’ve noticed a really cool thing starting to happen when I have story ideas lately. For example, while writing Time Bound, I started to do research on Japan, on Japanese spirits, on different areas where I could set my story, and anything and everything I could get my hands on regarding some of my ideas. And more times than I could count, I would go to Google, enter my idea and click search. And the first link or two would take me directly to some fantastic idea I’d never heard of, but that fit my story like a glove. Like it was meant to be. I’d get goosebumps every time.It felt like the universe handing me a gift.

I’d almost forgotten about that sort of thing until I started outlining my newest WIP last month. I won’t talk too much about it here, other than to say it’s a YA Sci-Fi and I’m super excited about it. But when I was coming up with characters, I decided I wanted all of them to be related to famous scientists. I have Lexie Kepler – descendant of the famous Johannes Kepler. I have Max von Neumann, great grandson of the physicist John von Neumann. And I have my love interest, Asher Rosen, grandson of an American-Israeli physicist noted for his study on the structure of the hydrogen molecule. I didn’t put much thought into who was related to who and what their ancestors did. I just needed semi-famous sciency type names (and I LOVED the name Asher, so I wanted something that would go with it). Only after i got my characters figured out did I start thinking a bit more about plot. Things started to fall into place, though there were still holes where I needed something big, something novel-worthy.

Fast forward to last weekend. In preparation for seeing Avengers, I decided to watch all the pre-Movies – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor. Thor arrived Friday night and I popped it in, watched the hunky Chris Hemsworth get it on with Natalie Portman, who wouldn’t stop screaming about an Einstein-Rosen bridge. I think I must have been distracted by the biceps, because I totally didn’t catch it. And then, just a few days ago, I decided that my Main Character’s love interest, Asher, needed to be the great-godson of Albert Einstein (meaning Asher’s Dad was Einstein’s god son) but I needed a reason they’d worked together.

*Insert Blinding Flash Here* Rosen. Einstein. No…they couldn’t be the same. *Runs off to internet* OMG. Einstein-Rosen bridge. Wormholes. Holy shit. It was like my brain subconsciously played connect the dots. I just about fell out of my chair. I couldn’t have set it up more perfectly if I’d actually planned the story that way.

I mean seriously. It was one of those terrifying flashes that make you stop and go WHOA.

Now whether or not the Einstein connection makes it into the novel, I’m still giddy over the synchronicity of it all. While I’ve always been interested in science, I don’t know a whole lot about most of the major players and for this to all fall into place so perfectly over and over again makes me feel like there’s something out there (even if it’s only my own brain) telling me that this is the next story I need to write. I have a few more details that need to percolate in my brain, but I cannot WAIT to jump in and start drafting. Maybe, if I’m really lucky the rest of it will work out just as easily.

So what about you guys? Have you had any crazy things happen when research or thinking about your work?




  1. I LOVE it when that happens!

  2. That sort of aha moment is always fabulous!

    I had something like that happen with Blair when I did research on comas and figured out that they’re caused by brain trauma.  Until then, I had no idea that my protagonist was inevitably doing permanent brain damage to himself.  So yeah… that had a pretty significant story impact.  🙂