Social Media and You: A Cautionary Tale

Hey guys,

So it seems every few months someone who just doesn’t quite get how social interactions work pops up. They maybe be innocent mistakes, or may have a more sinister ulterior motive. Problem is, this is social media, so you JUST DON’T KNOW. I’m not going to go into details here, this isn’t so much my post as a plea for you to stop by Leigh Ann Kopans blog and read her post on appropriate Social Media behavior. I know all of you are amazing and don’t need the reminder, but it’s still astonishing to me there are so many other people out there who just don’t quite get it.

I’m also linking to John Scalzi’s great post on how not to be a creeper. His post focuses on conferences and many in-person interactions, but I think it’s completely valid for social media as well. I highly suggest you check it out – it’s funny and very target. Some of his points include:

1. Acknowledge that you are responsible for your own actions.

2. Acknowledge that you don’t get to define other people’s comfort level with you.

3. Acknowledge that no one’s required to inform you that you’re creeping (or help you to not be a creeper).

8. That amusing sexual innuendo? So not amusing.

So what about you guys? Have you had to deal with creepers before? What do you think the best way to handle them is?