Sliding Away – The End of Summer

Ever have one of those summers where you look up and suddenly it’s over? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. One minute we were in Maine, the next, it’s September and time for the students to come back to town (move in week is the stuff of nightmares and lucky me – it’s this week!). I just don’t know where the time went!

And to be honest, I can’t even say I’ve been spending it on my WIP. Even that’s taken a back seat to the mindlessness of this summer. I’m feeling guilty, and WAY behind, but I’m going to keep telling myself it was a needed break. Luckily, I have the first half out to crit partners, and I’m counting on them to whip me back into shape 🙂

Unfortunately, my blogging has suffered too. I knew I was burned out before we went on vacation, but it hasn’t really gotten better. I’m feeling like there are so many wonderful blogs out there that have so many important things to say, that I’m not sure I can really contribute much to the discussion. Not a good place to be when faced by the hundreds of intelligent and interesting posts I read every day in Google Reader.

But then I started thinking. We’re all different, we all bring our own perspectives to writing. And while I might not be able to talk story craft like Janice Hardy, or give writing tips and book recommendations like Elana Johnson, or even tell you stories of my fascinating life like Sophia Chang (seriously – she gets to hang with way too many cool authors!), I do still have things to contribute. At least I hope I do!

So I’m not going to throw in the towel just yet. You guys are stuck with me a little longer. And even better? Some of the giveaways I have planned this fall. Because how else can I show my appreciate for all you guys and the fact that you’re sticking around despite my bad blogger status?

So what have you all been up to this summer? Fill me in on everything I’ve missed!



  1. This summer has felt the same way for me! I feel like it was just yesterday, I was marveling at the fact that July was ending, and now August is! I also sympathize with the blogging thing. Sometimes, I just feel like I have nothing useful to say, but maybe I do and I’m just being lazy. Who knows until I try, right? 🙂 Anyway, good luck with getting back in the groove of things!

    • Dammit Krispy beat me by literally a minute!  (I have this weird thing of inadvertently following her around in the comment world.)

      Aww, thanks the shout-out!  See if you come out here you’ll meet all these neat authors too!

      • You guys are too funny 🙂

        And I’m really trying to get out there in October – my sister is moving home and won’t be in LA much past that, so I’m trying to squeeze in a trip if possible. *fingers crossed*

    • Exactly! It’s so easy just to stop when you don’t feel like you are contributing, but I know I always love to hear other people’s perspectives so don’t stop!!!

      And yeah – this has been a crazy summer! I can only hope this winter goes by half as fast 🙂

  2. Hey Jamie! I took a pretty big break this summer, too! Glad to know I was the only one one 🙂 

    I don’t think you should put so much pressure on yourself with blogging. More and more I’m tending so shy away from all the blogs on craft etc. I seem to be more drawn to personal anecdotes and stories about what people are working on with their books or life. I want to feel a connection with the person writing, like they are a friend. So, I think you should just write about what you want to write about! It’s frustrating when nobody comments or you don’t have a million followers, but I guess that will come if you are true to yourself! P.S.. I read your pitch over on Gennifer Albin’s blog. Your story sounds fabulous! 🙂 

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone in the break this year! Must be something in the air 🙂

      You know – you’re exactly right – I’m shying away from those kinds of blogs too lately. My favorite blogs are those that I feel a connection with. Wow – that makes me feel a ton better 🙂 Now I’ll just have to find some excitement in my boring life to actually blog about LOL.

      Aww – thanks so much – I’m glad you liked the pitch. I swear to god I’m going to finish this story if it kills me 🙂