Sites I Love – Pub Rants

You know those websites that you visit on a daily basis, the ones you wait on impatiently for a new blog post? Well I have my own list, and I’d like to share it. Most of the links will be publishing/writing related, but I’m sure I’ll add a few odd ducks here or there.

But I want to start with a site that’s been a godsend, especially when I was starting this whole quest for publication. I have been reading Agent Kristen Nelson’s Blog – Pub Rants for at least two years. Hers was one of the first agent blogs I stumbled upon, and I’ve found all of her posts on the publishing industry, agenting, and life in general to be invaluable. She’s one of those star agents you can only dream about having. I think I’d faint dead away if she ever requested a partial from me, let alone offered representation. (To be honest, I haven’t queried her yet, but I’m hoping this current WIP might have the potential!)

If you want your information about the publishing world straight up, with a little bit of midwestern niceness mixed in, Agent Kristen’s blog is the place to go. She lists actual Queries that have worked for her, talks about what’s hot right now in publishing, and generally just provides a great insight into the business. Her archives are a wealth of information! I’ve learned so much about finding an agent, the quest to publication, how to write better and how to treat my writing like a business. And I can safely say, Kristen is one of the good ones out there. She’d never knowingly steer your wrong.

If you’re looking for an agent, or even just interested in books in general, I highly recommend checking out her site. I don’t think I’d be anywhere near this ready to start querying if it wasn’t for Agent Kristen and her fantastic blog.