Short Stories

I have some amazing critique partners who write even more amazing short stories. One of them just won the Bards and Sages quarterly award and will be included in their anthology!

I’m so impressed with both of them, because I have absolutely no ability to write short stories. My brain just doesn’t think like that. I can’t come up with the clever hook in 2000 words, or the amazing twist at the end that most people are looking for. I might be able to manage a character study or slice of life, but even that would be painfully difficult for me. My brain thinks in novel sized chunks. I’m not even sure I could come up with a novella!

Unfortunately, getting short stories out there for publication is a great way to help in your search for an agent and/or publisher. Any sort of publication credits help show that you’re serious and marketable. And there are so many cool opportunities out there that I feel like I’m really missing out.

I’m up for Nano in November, but maybe when I start editing in December I can take some time and try using a writing prompt or something to get the hang of writing shorts.

But in the mean time, does anyone else have any suggestions on how they come up with short story ideas? Or how they structure them?

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  1. I don't have any specific formula, but I think for us novel people, we have to keep telling ourselves to keep it short. Of course, you can get a pretty darn good story in in about 5-8K. Just jump in head first. If it doesn't work out as a short story, it can always become another novel. 😉