Release Day: Fortune’s Risk (Win a free copy!)

Hello my lovelies!

I am so excited – today is the release day for Fortune’s Risk – a Star Thief Novella! It’s finally up on most major retailers (and will hopefully be up on iTunes next week).

To celebrate, I’m giving away an ecopy of both The Star Thief and Fortune’s Risk. Just leave a comment below! (Giveaway ends Friday July 11th at 9am est.)


About Fortune’s Risk:

portfolio_FR_smA thrilling, dangerous adventure, this digital companion novella to Jamie Grey’s The Star Thief features Viktis and Captain Nick Finn, popular characters from the series, and takes place after the events of The Star Thief.

Captain Nick Finn has spent the last seven years trying to escape his drug-running past and become the perfect MYTH soldier. At the peak of his military career, he should be leading missions to capture the galaxy’s most wanted criminals. Instead, he’s stranded on a stolen MYTH ship with Viktis, a notorious pirate and an unlikely ally.

Being on the run from MYTH and trying to keep a low profile is nothing new for Viktis, so he’s happy to set course for bustling Forever Station – the perfect place to restock supplies and squeeze in a little entertainment on the side. But for Viktis, this visit is less about fun and games and more about revenge. Kitty Cordoza, a notorious mob boss and his sister’s killer, has gone all-in on a high-stakes poker game.

Only Finn can help him plant the evidence that the Station’s security needs to put her away for life. But the Queen of Crime has a few tricks up her sleeve, and as they’re about to find out, she’s not going to show her hand until it may be too late to fold.