One Month until Release & a Sneak Peek!

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was announcing UVC to the world. And here we are, exactly one month out from release day! I can’t even believe it! I have some fun stuff coming up – give aways, sneak peeks, some fun swag. And even the option to pre-order Ultraviolet Catastrophe (once I get it set up!) I can’t even believe that in a month I’ll have a book out in the world. It’s insane. Add to Goodreads.

But today I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the scene where Lexie, our main heroine, meets Asher Rosen – resident genius at Quantum Technologies and all around hottie.

Hope you enjoy!


I curled one leg beneath me and sank into one of the waiting room chairs as Dad and Dr. Rosen gossiped. Sometimes men were even worse than high school girls. I killed time scanning through magazine articles until the door opened.

I looked up from the magazine as a guy my age entered. It wasn’t hard to tell he was Dr. Rosen’s son. He had the same dark hair, tousled like he’d run his hands through it a few too many times, and his eyes were the same shape, with the same crinkle around the edges when he smiled. But instead of brown like Dr. Rosen’s, his were a startling shade of blue that made me think of the sky at dawn.

He wore a gray t-shirt with “Got Science?” scrawled across the front. It clung to his unexpectedly muscled arms and chest.

Were all the science geeks at QT this cute? Because, if so, I could totally get used to that.

Dr. Rosen looked up. “Ah, there you are. Lexie, this is my son, Asher.”

Asher smiled at me. “Fresh from Ohio, I hear.”

Dear god. The guy was good-looking to begin with, but when he smiled… I blinked and forced myself not to stare. “Yep. Just got here this morning.”

“Welcome to QT. Always good to have another Kepler brain in the building.”

I got to my feet. “Thanks.”

He tilted his head to the side and studied me for one long moment before frowning.

My stomach twisted. Did I have food on my face? Was my eyeliner smudged? “Something wrong?”

“No.” He shook his head again. “I just thought… Never mind.”

Dr. Rosen shook his head. “Asher spends a little too much time with the robots some days. I think he forgets how to interact with people.”

Asher flushed a dull red and glared at his father. “Anyway, let’s get going. I’ll show you to the security office and have you finish the paper work for your clearance.” He gestured to the door. “After you, Lexie.”

I shoved my hands into the pockets of my jeans and moved stiffly past him. The scent of his cologne washed over me, and my knees went weak. Great. Not only was he hot, but he smelled good, too. My tongue felt suddenly thick in my mouth. How was I ever going to think of anything to say to the guy? Small talk was not my thing.

“I’ll meet you in my office when I’m done with Dr. Danvers,” Dad called as he and Dr. Rosen headed toward her office.

I nodded and followed Asher in the opposite direction.

“Security is just down here.” He led me past the quiet study space I’d seen earlier. The only sound was the tapping of our footsteps against the marble floors. Each step made my mind race even harder to think of something to say that wouldn’t sound stupid. If I could just come up with a witty statement or a brilliant observation, maybe I could start off on the right foot here at QT.

“So, um… Quantum Technologies makes hoverboards, huh?”

Evidently, my talent wasn’t in coming up with witty one-liners.

Asher looked at me from the corner of his eye. “Among other things.” He paused. “Not sure what my dad said about me, but really, there’s no need to be intimidated. I’m just the resident genius.”

I raised an eyebrow at him, shocked out of my embarrassment. “Modest, too, I see.”

He gave me a cheeky smile. “What does modesty have to do with it? It’s a fact — just check my file.”

I smiled back despite myself. The guy wasn’t boasting. He seriously believed it was true. “What does the resident genius do around here besides show newbies around?” Keep it cool, Kepler. It’s just small talk.

“A little of this, a little of that. I specialize in robotics and computers. Most of it is classified, and until you get your clearance, I really can’t say.”

“Ah, so you’re a tease, too, then?”

“Always.” Asher grinned.