Closed: Official Call for Members – #TeamUVC

Edited: Thanks so much for all the interest! I’ve closed the call for team members, but if you still want to help out, please let me know or shoot me an email!

So back in June, I announced that I’m self-publishing my debut novel, ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE, about a girl who discovers she’s a genius and the group that will go to any lengths to find her. It comes out in September, and I’m so excited that the characters I love will have a chance to reach a ton of readers, and hopefully you all will love them too!

But UVC is just one tiny book in a sea of amazing books, and I know one of the most challenging parts of making a book successful is getting the word out. And what makes someone buy a book? Excitement. Buzz. Word of mouth recommendations from people they know and trust.

So how do I even start working on getting the word out about this book? That’s where you guys come in, I hope! I want to pull together a Street Team of people who’ve read UVC and liked it, and who will do their best to gab about it in reviews, blog posts, social media, and in person to anyone who seems like they’d enjoy reading it.

And what do you guys get out of joining #TeamUVC?

My ETERNAL gratitude, lots of fan-girling from me, advance reader copies, a sneak peek at the cover before anyone else, and fun swag.

Getting a book out is a huge undertaking and I would never have gotten this far with ULTRAVIOLET CATASTROPHE without all of you guys. I’m SO SO thankful for all the help and love I’ve gotten so far. I know I’m asking a HUGE favor, and I just want you all to know that it is appreciated more than you can know. I love you all so much!!

So …. if you’d like to be part of the Street Team for UVC, please click here to sign up!