My Writing Room

Last fall I tackled our tiny spare room. We’d been using it mostly for storage (as an extra closet really) and I finally decided that it was time to do something with the space. My wonderful other half gave me carte-blanche to turn it into a writing room and decorate it how ever I’d like. So…I ran with it.

I love interior design, though I’m not sure I really have the skills. But, I spent hours looking for examples and inspiration and trying to choose between colors. I even slathered paint samples all over the walls to figure out which I liked the best.

For my room, I wanted something that was warm and comforting, but a little fun and funky too. Of course I wanted a bookshelf, and a comfy chair, and room for my desk. With such a small space, it was definitley a challenge!

I wish I could find my “before” pictures, but I have the sinking feeling they got deleted with my recent transition over to my new Mac 🙁  But here is what I ended up with!



I still have some pictures to hang and some knick-knacks to put up, (I know, I know – it’s been almost a year!) but over all I’m pleased with how it turned out. Slightly fun, a little bit funky, and very relaxing. And even better, the only piece of furniture I had to buy was the bookshelf (I LOVE Ikea!)

My biggest challenge with the room is how small it is. I kid you not, my bathroom growing up was bigger than this room! It’s also an attic room, so it’s got slanted ceilings which make it feel even smaller. But I have to say, I love it. It’s actually really cozy and comforting. Now I just need to actually make myself use the room to write in instead of curling up on the couch LOL!

What about you guys? Do you have a dedicated space for writing? Do you actually use it?



  1. Looks very nice! We have an office room that I use for writing, but it’s not really a super cozy secret place or anything. Works for my needs though!

    • Thanks! As long as you can write, I don’t think it matters so much *where* 🙂 I would have been just as happy on the couch LOL, but I have to admit it’s nice to have my own space!

  2. You have a room of your own!!!!  I’m sooo jealous.  Some days I’d give anything for a door I can close.  And this slanted-ceiling nook sounds so Victorian-era romantic.

    • LOL – I’m glad it sounds romantic, cause it’s been a pain in the ass 🙂 Nah – it’s fine, just limits the amount of things I can hang on the walls, which probably isn’t a bad thing!

  3. This room is gorgeous!!! It looks so cozy! When I was little, I always dreamt of having an attic room. I turned our spare room into a ”writing room”, but for some reason I always end up on the couch as well! I think I need to make sitting in there a new habit. 

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I’m really happy with how it turned out. now I just need to use it more LOL!

  4. I wish! I love what you did with your room! I’m into interior design as well so I can’t wait until my husband and I buy a house so I can decorate my own writing room. For now, I’ll have to be content with my writing corner of the living room. 😛