Knights of the Old Republic – Original

I was so fantastically excited to see the original Knights of the Old Republic available for download on Steam last weekend that I immediately ponied up the $10 and downloaded it. I played through this game back in 2003 when it was out on the old Xbox and remember really liking it but I sold my copy and could never find another that would actually work on our Xbox360. KOTOR II is fine in it’s own way, but I have a special spot in my heart for the original, as I think it was one of the first RPG’s I’d played on a console, and the one that totally got me hooked.

Until that point in time, I’d mostly been a PC gamer, but after seeing the graphics, and feeling like I was part of a movie rather than just a game, I was sold. My preferred gaming system as of now is the 360, though we just got a PS3, so ask me again next year 🙂

Anyway, the port over to Steam is really well done. I’m not having any computer lags and very few graphics issues (which I was worried about with such an old game). But it looks surprisingly good for a game that’s seven years old. Of course it’s not going to be as pretty as Mass Effect, but it certainly gets the job well done. And I’d forgotten how well written it was. You care about the characters almost immediately, getting drawn into their smaller storylines, even against the backdrop of the war. I haven’t finished the play through yet, so I’m still discovering the little plots and bits I’ve forgotten. It almost feels like the first time 🙂

I plan on taking my time getting through the rest of the game. The world is immense, and I really commend Bioware on creating such a place to get lost in. (I’m a total Bioware fangirl anyway as you’ll soon find out). I should be working on edits for my WIP or doing a dozen other things, but I’m finding that if I come home from work and crack open the computer, intending to play for just a few mintues, I look up at the clock and find a couple of hours have passed. Always the sign of a good game!

If you missed it the first time around, or just want to play through again, I highly recommend downloading a copy. For $10, it will keep you occupied (and interested) for a very long time.