Its HERE – ONE’s Release Day

A year and a half ago, I entered a contest. And while I got a few requests from agents, nothing really came of that. Except I met this fantastic writer who’s entry was just below mine. After chatting on Twitter for a while, she finally convinced me to exchange manuscripts. And I got to read this AMAZING story about a girl with only one super power, and her search to become more than she thought she was. (I also got to meet a guy name Elias Van Dyne, who was basically just yummy). It was pretty much the best thing that had ever happened to me 🙂

Today, one of my favorite books in the entire world has been published and is out there for you all to read too. It’s been an amazing journey, and I am SO SO happy for Leigh Ann and all her success!!! I hope you guys enjoy ONE as much as I did. And let me tell you, the ride that continues in TWO is even more amazing! You’re going to love it!


You can pick up a copy of ONE at any of these links!

Amazon Kindle
Paperback (from Amazon)
Special Edition Paperback with comics (from Amazon)
Barnes and Noble Nook
Signed (from my site)