Is Facebook Necessary?

If you haven’t heard, Facebook has been in the news an awful lot lately due to their privacy practices.
A couple of weeks ago it was the implementation of their Instant Personalization Pilot Program – the one that pulls your info from the site and uses it to customize other public websites like CNN and MSNBC. Then last week it was Zuckerberg – the creator of Facebook – talking about how anyone with two Facebook profiles has a lack of integrity.
On the heels of that, another article was linked that sheds a little light on Zuckerberg’s first privacy policies early in Facebook’s history. I especially like the quoted IM conversation.

With that being said, Facebook is one of the Big Three in social media, and as author’s it’s almost an expectation that we have a Facebook page to market ourselves. I’ll admit I have a personal page, but I use it rarely, and then only with close family/friends. After a few of his little comments, I was tempted to delete it.

I was even thinking of starting one for my writing life, despite my lack of integrity. *grin* But now I’m not sure if I want to be a part of something like Facebook, with it’s deceptive privacy policies and clear derision for it’s users. And to be honest, I have never been to another author’s facebook page. I just don’t find them interesting.

My question to you – How important is Facebook as a piece of social media? Does not having a Facebook page as an author put you at a disadvantage? Is it even necessary?


  1. I rarely use the personal side of facebook anymore. I still have my fan site which I update nearly daily, whereas my personal one gets maybe an update a week.

  2. I find Facebook wonderful for keeping in touch with old friends and family that lives far away – I don't have time to call them reguarly but I can sort of keeps tabs on them via Facebook.

    For authors/writers I think the website/blog combo is perfect. But you know everyone has their own preferred form of social media so maybe it's wise to cover all the bases – esp. if you are published and now trying to promote your book! Haven't tried Twitter yet so can't comment on that.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Krista and Margo.

    I use Facebook mostly for friends and family right now. For some reason I'm reluctant to use it for my writing life. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to get over that!