Interviews – What not to do

Time for another installment of what not to do when you’re trying to get a job.

Today’s tip – do NOT smoke half a pack of Marlborough Reds right before your interview. In fact, don’t smoke at all that day if you can help it. We CAN smell the smoke on your clothes, hair, skin, etc. Today’s interview was so bad that my eyes started to water the moment I shook her hand. And after half an hour locked in my office with her, I could barely breathe. And when she was finally gone, it took a good 60 second spray of Lysol to get rid of the stench.

Look folks – I know you’re nervous. I get nervous too, when I interview. So chew a piece of gum. Chew your fingernails if you have to. But try and keep the smoking to a minimum. Most work places are now smoke free, and it just makes a potential employer worry about you taking regular smoke breaks when the rest of your coworkers are working. Besides, I work in health care. That’s not the signal you want to give to patients coming into your hospital.

Don’t get me wrong. My dad smokes, my grandmother, half my family. I’m used to it, I get the need. But in today’s job market, don’t let something like that be the reason you don’t get a job. Choking out the interviewer is NOT the way to make a good first impression.


  1. I once had a girl show up with so much perfume that I coughed the entire interview.

    Then, her FATHER called me the next day and asked how she did and if I would hire her.

  2. Ugh – perfume is almost as bad. Luckily I haven't had any parents call yet. I'm way over due I think!!!

  3. That happened at my work place. The mother showed up every time anything at all happened, claws out and ready to jump all over us.