In Which I Take a New Path

As you can probably tell by my blog silence for the past several months, life has been a little crazy. I’ve weathered a major home construction project, worked on several health issues, attended R’s brother’s wedding, and started a new job. And a new path.

Never thought I’d go back to instructional design, but here I am, supporting a new software system my new company is implementing. It’s hard to switch gears from human resources and all that entails, but I have to admit, there’s so much less pressure! I didn’t realize until I’d been gone from my last job for a couple of weeks how unhappy and stressed out I’d been. But now that my shoulders aren’t frozen up around my ears, and my brain isn’t filled with fatigue and fear, I’m hoping that life will start looking a little brighter.

On the downside, the blog isn’t the only thing that’s suffered my neglect. I’ve done little writing or editing since November. I just haven’t been able to focus or even wring out words from my brain. I’m hoping this change of pace will also help with that. I still have a revision class to get through and a ton of story ideas I want to write.

On the plus side, I’ve submitted two short stories to paying markets, so we’ll see what happens there. It’s better than nothing! And I finally joined Twitter – now that it’s not blocked at work. I’m mostly lurking right now, but I could see getting hooked.

So now that I’ve updated you all on my life, what’s been going on with you?