In Which I Admit to Being a Geek

I was the quiet girl in high school. The one with a few close friends and really good grades. I was in theater, and hung around with the weird kids. In other words, I was a geek. And I hated every second of it. I wanted so much to be one of the popular girls, to know the right thing to say at the right time, instead of blushing painfully whenever anyone spoke to me.

I fought being a geek, hiding behind a bland facade and a non-existent personality. And I never felt like I fit in anywhere. My younger sister was my opposite, pretty and outgoing and popular. She was NORMAL. And I wished I was her.

And then I got to college. I was still afraid to embrace my geekiness, but it was easier there to let chinks of my real personality shine through. I didn’t have to pretend as much, and peopled really seemed to like me for who I was. And some how it was OK to be a little weird, a little quirky.

But it wasn’t until I was living on my own, working at my first job, that I realized that I might actually be all right as I was, nerdiness and all. And then I met my wonderful, amazing boyfriend Ryan – henceforward known as R. He thought I was cool, even with my odd sense of humor and my quirky ticks. He showed me it was OK to embrace my geekiness, to like games, and fantasy books, and sci-fi movies. That playing World of Warcraft didn’t make me a looser, and that pale skin was hawt.

So I’m taking this blog in a little different direction. I’m going to post about things I love, things that a lot of people might think are geeky. Movies, and games, TV and books, and my writing, since I *am* an aspiring author 🙂

And maybe, someone else will read this and realize it’s ok to embrace their geekiness. Because being a geek is sexy.

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  1. Damn right it is.