How is it Monday?

I know it’s the universal question – but how do weekends fly by so quickly and the workweeks drag? This weekend seemed utterly nonexistent! I wanted to get so much done, and all we accomplished was a thorough cleaning of the house. Don’t get me wrong, it desperately needed it, but by the time we were done, the weekend was half gone and we didn’t feel like doing much else.

Now if only my day job would go that quickly. We’re in the middle of a merger at work and things are pretty up in the air. Not to mention on edge. And it only seems to keep getting worse. Not to mention the total lack of work. I would much rather be busy than bored, unfortunately all the tasks I have to do right now are menial at best. And at worst? Well, let’s not go there quite yet 🙂

Ah well, even though I know it’s wrong, at least I’m getting some writing done in all that spare time. And a few critiques in on Critique Circle. That does help the day go a little more quickly!