Google Reader Issues

Well, of course the transfer to WordPress couldn’t go *completely* smoothly. I’ve just discovered that I’ve lost all of my followers who’ve subscribed to my original site feed at Shades of Grey. Sigh.

Please resubscribe:
If you followed my blog using Google Reader (or any rss reader for that matter), I think you’ll have to re-subscribe using the Follow/Subscribe button on the right, as it seems like my original feed got hosed.

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience! I suppose if this is the worst that happens with the transfer I’ll be happy. Sometimes I know just enough about technology to make myself dangerous!

Happy Monday!


  1. Well, apparently my follow transferred over because it signed me in as already a follower. I like how the new site looks. But the thought of all the work you put in to move it over — I don’t envy you that!!

    • Yay! Glad you transferred over. I’m relieved something worked for a change 🙂

      And I’m glad you like the new site! Not exactly what I’d intended, but I think it turned out ok! LOL.

  2. Nope, mine carried over too!

    • Phew. Ok, I’m feeling a little better then…

      Thanks for letting me know, Krista!