I think I must be one of the last people on earth to find out about Goodreads! Was I living under a rock? Despite my obvious obliviousness I finally managed to stumble on the site last week. And OMG. I have a new obsession/time sink.

I read a lot. Like most writers. But I’ve never been able to keep track before (I’ve never really felt the need to, to be honest). But with Goodreads, it’s so simple and fun! And, even better, you get other recommendations based on your reading list! And can share your list with other people – a great way to get other recommendations too. And wait! There’s more! *grin* You can also read other people’s reviews – always an interesting past time.

Now I have a feeling I’ll be spending my precious writing time entering in reviews and ratings and adding to my TBR list. As if it wasn’t long enough already!

Has anyone else been seduced by this wonderful site? If so, feel free to add me as a friend!


  1. Not only seduced, I have a presence there 😀

  2. I love Goodreads. I don't spend as much time there as I'd like, but I will be now the summer is here. 🙂