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So how about a brief Princess for Hire snippet to get your week started off on the right foot?

Setup: Mina and her partner have finally arrived at the castle to rescue the prince.

We made our way down a long, empty hall. It was eerily quiet, dust motes circling in the air as we passed. Though I tried to be silent, my boots still rang loudly on the bare floor.

“What now, boss?” Galt asked, eyeing the set of stairs at the end of the hall.

“We keep looking. He’s got to be here somewhere.” I sounded braver than I felt. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to fighting a fire-breathing dragon; they were notoriously hard to kill. I forced myself upward, creeping around the corner of the staircase only to stop in astonishment. Instead of another long hallway, we stood at the edge of a great library. The roaring fire in the hearth cast a golden glow over the leather bound books lining the room.

At the far end sat a huge, soft chair with a young man lounging in it, a book propped open on his knee. He looked up as we moved out of the shadows and then jumped to his feet, dropping the book with a thud. “Dammit! Not another princess!” He shoved his hands into his pockets
and glared at me. “I told my father what it would take to get me home. So he sends another blasted beauty queen? I am sick and tired of this.”

Galt and I exchanged confused glances. I bit back a slightly hysterical giggle. I could  hardly be called a beauty queen in my stained cloak and tattered tunic. “Are you King Randalf’s son? We were told you needed rescuing.”

The man sighed as he tugged a hand through his perfect blonde hair. Fine wrinkles webbed his eyes as he frowned. “Why do women always think men need rescuing?”

“Because they haven’t the sense the Maker granted a horse’s ass?” Galt flashed me a warning look as my temper began to rise. If this was the prince, then he obviously wasn’t in any danger. So why was King Randalf paying me to bring him home? And where was the dragon that guarded him?


  1. I love Mina’s spunk! I can hardly wait to read more about her.

  2. Aw! Thanks Heather! I hope everyone ends up liking Mina as much as I do LOL 🙂