Friday Obsessions

My first obsession this week is with my CPs. So much fantastic, exciting news floating around out there I can’t stand it. The Amazing Gina has posted her good news – She’s got an agent for her fantastic YA Contemp. And OMG you guys! You will LOVE this one when you see it on the shelves. Talk about romance and angst and hot, sensitive guys. Mmmmm.

My second obsession this week: The Writer’s Voice. I’ve been cheering on all of my CPs and the other fantastic authors who’ve entered. Stalking judges. Polishing up my first chapter, query and synopsis. It’s been an exciting ride, and I’m so happy for everyone who made it into the next round! And for everyone else who didn’t make it this time – I totally feel your pain, I’ve been in that situation too. But you are all amazing, and I promise if you keep at it, you’ll be there soon!

So now that the coaches have all chosen their teams, the excitement has really begun. I’m firmly #TeamBrenda!! And I’m so excited – I think I got the BEST. Coach. Ever. Brenda’s already begun helping – she posted her own query yesterday – you should totally check it out – SO helpful if you’re looking for an excellent example. And, she’s asked to review or materials so she can provide feedback. I’m SO excited to see what she thinks. (and thanks to Jamie Corrigan for the #TeamBrenda badge!)

Next week the finalists get posted to all of the Coach’s blogs, and then the agents show up. It’s going to be a good time!

Finally, my last obsession is paint. I spent last weekend painting (so I wouldn’t obsesses over The Writers Voice – yeah, didn’t work). I decided it was time to update the master bedroom from a pink-toned taupe (AWFUL) to a soothing blue gray called Quiet Moments. It looks lovely in our room! Now this weekend I get to tackle the ceiling and moldings. Sigh. I really do hate painting. But I will post pictures of the final room as soon as I get it looking halfway decent!

So what have you been obsessed with this week? I’d love to know! And of course, hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!



  1. I didn’t enter the contest, but I have been following it.  Those are some great entries!  I guess my obsession this week is querying (finally began the process).  Also politics and fairytales.

    • Hm… politics has been a secret obsession of mine this week too. We should chat… (But then we should always chat <3 )

  2. I’m still so excited for you for getting picked! And congrats to Gina!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you Jamie!! I’m so looking forward to starting TB and I’m rooting for you on the The Writer’s Voice!