Friday Fun

With the recent addition of an iPad to our family, I live in the (misguided) hope that I’ll eventually be able to use it as an eReader. Someday, perhaps when the novelty has worn off for my other half. *grin*

But, being eternally optimistic, I’ve been poking around the interwebs looking for my next reads, and while Amazon has a ton of free stuff, I don’t really like their interface for browsing. Enter ReadPrint. It’s a free online book site, and it’s easy to browse – either by author, or by title. It’s limited – only copyright-free works, but there are still a ton of novels, articles, short stories and poems available.

But the best part – since I probably won’t be reading on the iPad any time soon, and I don’t intend to buy a Kindle or Nook, is that they have an online Reading Mode! It puts the text into a “Kindle-like” screen so that it’s easy on the eyes – no harsh glare from the screen!

It’s got a few downsides though – it doesn’t have the turning pages that we’ve all come to expect with eReaders, but it’s scrollable, and seems to work pretty well. I haven’t actually had the chance to read anything longer than a short story, so I’m not sure how annoying that is. The other thing is that there is no link within the reading mode to continue on to the next chapter – you have to go back to the previous page for the next link.

That being said – this still seems like a pretty good site for reading some of the classics and keeping yourself busy on a slow day at work. (Just don’t tell my boss!)


  1. Oooh, enjoy your iPad! I don't have an e-reader or anything like that, and I'm always curious about them.

  2. I'll keep you posted! (If I ever get to play with it 😉