Friday Fun

I have to admit, I used to write all of my stories long hand, in a college-ruled notebook when I was in high school. Even occasionally in college. But my handwriting is messy at best, illegible at worst and when we finally splurged for a computer, I never looked back.

I’m a pretty fast typer, so I don’t *usually* have a problem with words coming faster than I can type, and I like that I can actually read what I’ve written after I’m done *grin* Plus, spell-check is a gift from the gods.

But despite my love for my keyboard, I’m also slightly obsessed with finding the perfect pen. Not to thick, not too thin, smooth ink, non-smudging…the list goes on and on. Enter my favorite pen website – Jet Pens. I can spend hours here, debating the particular merits of liquid ink pens over gel pens, fountain over ballpoint. Even better, they carry mostly Japanese pens, and if anyone is more obsessed with their writing instruments than me, it’s the Japanese!

And these pens are delicious – any color, style, nib, body, shape you can think of, they have. It’s like pen porn! And I am addicted. I was hesitant to share my shame, lest any of you have a similar penchant for pens, but we’re all friends here, right? You won’t judge me too harshly I hope. Especially after you check out their site. (And they do have free shipping on orders over $25!)

They do have pencils and markers and calligraphy supplies as well, if that’s what floats your boat, but point me in the direction of the pens every time, and I’m a happy girl.

So do any of you have a similar obsession? Or are you addicted to something else?


  1. So what did you order?

  2. Nothin' 🙂 Ok, maybe a couple of those pens I was looking for…

  3. I love looking at the pens when I go to Staples, but most of the time I prefer to write in pencil. And not those plastic ones with a mess of graphite in the middle. I love a good old yellow number two. I know. Crazy 🙂

  4. I must use gel pens. I hate normal ball point pens. They make my hands cry.

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  6. I obsess over finding the perfect journal/blank book for random thoughts. Not too big nor small, nothing cute, the spine must be just so, I like one of those fabric bookmark-jobbies, it goes on and on and on…

  7. I'm addicted to reading blogs!!!! Make me stop!!!!!

  8. LOL, Julie!!! If I could make myself stop reading blogs I would totally help 🙂

    Chris – I love journals! They're another obsession too!

    Lydia – I only use gel/liquid ink pens. I shudder to even think about having to go back to ballpoint! Ugh!

    Sherrie – I just can't use pencils. They're too scratchy for me, and I like a finer point. But I can see where they'd be useful to write with!