Follow Fridays #FF – Janice Hardy

I love Twitter. It’s strangely addictive and oddly satisfying to get to know people through 140 characters. And some really cool ideas have come out of their hash-tagging system – among them, #FollowFridays (#FF for short). I love that idea, but I wanted to expand it a bit, so every Friday, I’m going to highlight a blog that I follow (and you should too! 🙂 ).

My first #FF is for author Janice Hardy. Her blog, The Other Side of the Story, is a fantastic writer’s resource. She posts insane amounts of information on craft, as well as links and other information that might be of interest to writers. She’s kind, but honest – she seems like someone who’d give it to you straight and then help you figure out how to fix that broken plot point or cliche character tick. I want her for a crit partner! And she’s got her blog organized so that all of her helpful information is easy to find – key with all the great articles she’s written.

Ms. Hardy writes YA, but I think all of her articles can translate to any genre – it’s just good advice no matter what you write! In her own words:

My goal for this blog is to tell you how to build a solid foundation for your writing. To provide tips and advice you can take right from these posts and apply directly to your work in progress. I won’t just say you need to show, not tell — I’ll give you tips on how to do that.

I have to say that this blog is one I turn to regularly when I have a question or find myself in a quandary about something I’m trying to write. If Janice hasn’t covered it, I know I’m in trouble!

Go check her out, and if you like her blog, give her a follow!



  1. Great idea! And I love that blog.

  2. I follow Janice’s blog and love it! She is so helpful! Thanks for this excellent feature.