Follow Fridays #FF – Heather McCorkle

Isn’t it always a really great surprise when you stumble on a website and immediately connect with what the writer is saying and their outlook on life? You almost feel like you’ve met an old friend!

Well, Heather’s Odyssey was one of those for me. A talented and exceptionally giving author, Heather blogs about her writing journey, writing tips, author interviews, and she’s got a couple of cool regular features. One is Twitter Tuesdays where she recaps some of the best writing related tweets out there. She also does a cool feature on different types of creatures from mythology. Definitely helpful if you’re doing research into the strange and unusual.

Heather is also crazy-active on twitter and in the blogosphere. She’s one of the hosts of the regular #WritersRoad discussion that happens on Monday nights on Twitter. (Highly recommended to check out!) and has a joint blog with some of her critique partners that also focuses on writing. I don’t know how she gets any of her own work done, but from her tweets and posts, this woman can do it all! And she always stays so positive while doing it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cross or negative post from her.

Trust me, even if you’re not a writer, you want to follow Heather – both on her blog and on Twitter.