Dollhouse Revisited

Ok, I don’t know if this makes me feel any better about Dollhouse – but in an interview with Ira Glass, Joss Whedon touched on the lack of continuity between episodes. Whedon says:

[Dollhouse] became just a soach too whore-y. Never had a better meeting, everything was great, then they [FOX] said “so they’re kinda like prostitutes and that’s not ok” Word came down that it wasn’t ok. I wanted to make a show that’s about feeling bad about feeling good or good about feeling bad. Fantasy is just that, fantasy. FOX wanted to back away from these implications. Every episode [of the first season] is ridiculously hard, because the central core has been ripped out just enough, that we’re constantly dancing around our own premise.

Unfortunately, you’d think he would have learned his lesson after Fox’s meddling with Firefly. I don’ t know if I’m inclined to cut him any slack for this, but it confirms my suspicions that something else got in the way of his “vision.” Whatever you think about him, he can usually tell a good story, and Season 1 was just not good.

So, maybe Fox will back off (or Whedon will stand up to them) and turn season 2 into something we can really care about. Otherwise, I’m done. I’ll go back to watching R’s Firefly dvd and hoping someday he’ll make something else half as good.

View the full interview here.


  1. I figured it out! Joss Whedon's plot is drive people to his previous work with the mediocrity of his current work! It's brilliant!

  2. LOL – That's totally it!