Do you Judge a Book By it’s Cover?

I got some exciting news over the weekend. My cover for Princess for Hire is finished and ready to be shared with the world! The short story doesn’t come out until May 2011, but MuseItUp Publishing is right on the ball!

So now …  the grand unveiling:


I know, I know, I’m way to excited about just a short story! But hey, it’s one step closer to getting a real book deal. *grin*


  1. Hi! I am a new blog follower 🙂

    Your cover is gorgeous, and not just because I am a sucker for princess stories. Congrats!!

  2. Welcome to the blog Lo! *waves*

    Thanks so much for the kind words 🙂 I really love this cover myself so I'm glad to hear other people do as well!

  3. Wonderful cover and intriguing title! Has a really good hook. Congrats!