Do It Anyway

I’ve always been the kind of person who struggles with fear – fear of not being good enough, fear that I’ll fail. Fear that people won’t like me. It’s exhausting living in fear. And I work really hard to make sure I don’t let it worm too deeply into my life any more.

I’ve also always been a huge Jim Henson/Muppets fan (just watch all my Muppet flails around the blog and you’ll get the point.)

So when I saw Ben Folds had a new video, with FRAGGLES (produced by the amazing Chris Hardwick – yeah total nerd crush)! I was all over it. I link it here for your viewing pleasure. More than once this past week, I hummed the chorus – I might be feeling fear, but I was sure as hell going to do it anyway 🙂

Some lyrics:

And if you’re paralyzed by a voice in your head
It’s the standing still that should be scaring you instead
Go on and
Do it anyway
Do it anyway


So what do you guys do anyway, despite the fear?



  1. I wrote a book. And published it. And told people to read it.

    So much fear, I was in a perpetual state of nausea for the first week.

    I love that the amazing geek trifecta of Ben Folds, Chris Hardwick, and The Fraggles inspired you! I’ve been in love with this video and you found the best way to showcase it. 🙂

  2. This is me. So much fear, but I’m doing it anyway. ALL of it! And the Fraggles rock, lol!! 🙂

  3. Love it. Thanks for this.