Creative Space

Last weekend, the other half and I cleaned out the spare room to use for my writing room. It was the last step in a domino of other steps (Mainly R getting a new iMac), but it needed to be done. Now, our house is a hundred year old farm house, and all that entails, so our spare bedroom has a few challenges:

1. No heat or AC.  The upstairs has no air ducts – we can’t heat it in winter and rely on the rising heat from the first floor to make it bearable. In the summer we have a window air conditioning unit for our bedroom, but nothing for poor little spare room. But this leads to #2.

2. The windows are so old they no longer open. So there’s not even the possibility of putting something in to make it cool enough to stand being up there for more than ten minutes. And in the winter, I’ll have to use a space heater so my fingers don’t freeze off.

3. The floors are the original, pine slat floors. Not sure if you’ve ever seen a hundred year old floor. It’s not pretty. And our cats haven’t helped – I think they’re trying to dig to China. But that means a desk chair on boards that crack when you walk on them isn’t going to be fun.

4. The size of the room. I kid you not, we had a bigger closet in our last apartment. However, my desk and a couple of bookshelves will fit. Barely. Now I just need to find a comfy chair that I can actually write in. (If I have to write at a desk, my head explodes. Really!)

But with all of that being said, I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am to have a room of my own for writing. With all it’s flaws, it’s *my* space and I can do whatever the heck I want to it! I can paint it hot pink, put striped curtains at the windows, buy a zebra print area rug if I wanted to. I can spread out my WIP across the floor and I never have to clean up. I haven’t actually used it yet for writing or editing – still trying to work out some of the kinks, but I’m hoping to this weekend.

And next week…I think a trip to the paint store is in order…


  1. You should totally design your new writing room after that picture! Right down to the pink-and-white fabric. It's hot pink, like you wanted 😛

  2. I actually found a zebra striped rug I fell in love with (and can actually afford), and the paint samples are on order 🙂 Not hot pink, but a nice, smoky purple. Or maybe green. Too many decisions!!!

  3. Your own writing space will be awesome! And from the sounds of it, it might actually be QUIET.