Conference Season

You may or may not know that my day job is in human resources. It’s an interesting field. If you work in an interesting place. However, I do not. That’s why I so look forward to the fall. Conference season. I’ve been to two in the last week – this Thursday and Friday I’ll be at the Society for Human Resource Management conference in Lansing. Two days of non stop discussion of how we can do a better job managing our human resources. Two days of amazing ideas I’ll never be allowed to implement.

It’s both wonderfully interesting and frustrating at the same time. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure most HR professionals feel the same way. The companies in Michigan, at least, just can’t afford to spend money or time on things that don’t contribute to the bottom line. And that means the cool things I could do with our intranet get pushed aside to focus on filling out paperwork or creating communications to employees detailing our latest benefit changes.

Ah well, someday, if I ever get a new job, maybe I can find a place to indulge my creative side too. If not, at least I have my writing. And maybe, someday, I can leave the corporate world behind. Ah, dreams…..