Catching Fire

I felt like the last person on earth in the loop when I read the Hunger Games last April. I’d just not gotten around to it, though everyone had been talking about it. But when I actually cracked open the book, I finished it in a day – I couldn’t even be bothered to eat until I was through it! What an amazing book.

So I was equally excited when Catching Fire, the sequel came out in September. I bought it on release day, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to read it until this past weekend. I was a little reluctant for a couple of reasons – the first book was so good, I didn’t think this could possibly live up to it. Plus, it’s book 2 of 3 – I’ll have another year at least to wait for the final book and if it was as much of a cliffhanger as the second, I’d be in deep trouble!

Well, now that I’ve read it, I’m conflicted. It was a good, solid book. Not as great as book 1, but i don’t know if that is even possible. And don’t get me wrong – it was amazing – but not quite as “meaty” as the Hunger Games, if you know what I mean. But, it was a cliff hanger like I’d thought it would be. And now I’m desperate to know what happens next! Always the sign of a great book. I genuinely care about these people and what happens to them, and that doesn’t happen to me a lot when I read any more.

Collins is an amazing author – her characters are so real, so life like that I forget they’re just characters. Katniss in particular is such a conflicted, miserable person some times that I just don’t like her, and then in the next paragraph she does something to make me love her again. Or at least totally sympathize with her. I think she’s such a good character because she isn’t perfect. She has major faults, she’s selfish and self-centered, but at the same time, she realizes it and tries to work past that. And she’s fair. She’s got a sense of balance that as a Libra, I totally relate to. Even though she needs to, she can’t kill one character because he’s helped her, and she can’t do that to him.

This book went places I wasn’t expecting, and I was totally caught off guard by the ending, which again, doesn’t happen a lot to me. I wish now I’d waited longer to read it – I don’t know how I’m going to wait until the final book comes out. I guess I’ll just have to focus on my own writing. I’d love to be half as good as Ms. Collins some day!!!


  1. Yeah this post is from a long time ago but I saw the title in your side bar and had to read it anyway – since I JUST discovered the Hunger Games a couple weeks ago (talk about behind the times!) and am now dying to read Catching Fire. Then, ha ha ha I don't have to wait as long as the rest of you have for Mockingjay!

  2. Oh! I meant to tell you, I heard (somewhere) Hunger Games had their movie rights optioned. Dunno yet if they're gonna make it, but I fangirl squealed when I heard that.

    Wonder who'll play Peeta. (Yes, yes, no one cares about Katniss. 😛 It's all about the innocent man-boy.)

  3. Ohhh!!! It would make a fantastic movie! I can't wait!!! Hmmm, now to think of an actor who'd fit Peeta….might have to be an unknown…