Can You Help Write Dreams?

I am impressed every day by the generosity of this writing community. So many people are willing to donate time, money, effort, books, anything that will help someone else out. And so I just wanted to highlight today the effort of Write Dreams. They did so much for the Japanese Tsunami survivors and now they’re doing it again. According to the information they’ve provided,

Donna’s Dream House is a holiday home for children and teenagers with life-threatening or terminal illnesses, situated in the heart of Blackpool. The Dream House is run completely by volunteers and encourages and sparks the imagination. It’s how any child would imagine the perfect holiday to be. It’s full of light and laughter, fun and – most importantly – life. Since it’s start, Donna’s Dream House has hosted and helped almost 380 families. 300 of those children have now sadly passed away, but the families who are left behind will always cherish the memories from Donna’s Dream House.

Except on Wednesday 21st December 2011, in the middle of the night, arsonists broke into the office building and adjacent health center. There they stole essential computer equipment and damaged the suite, before setting fire to the furniture. When the fire was discovered, it was almost too late. The building was so badly damaged that it may have to be rebuilt completely, with total damages estimated in excess of £80,000/$125,000. More importantly, the fire destroyed photographs and mementoes of Donna, and hope. The opening sentence of Donna’s Dream House’s website reads: Christmas is cancelled. For some of the families due to attend it might have been the last one.

What a fabulous cause – I highly recommend you go and check out the auctions they’re holding. There are some great prizes – books, critiques, etc. And even better, the chance to do some good for a charity that gives so much back. And if you’re in the mood – spread the word. I’m sure they can use all the publicity they can get!