Buddhism and Crazy Wisdom

Tonight a friend and I are attending a talk at Crazy Wisdom, in Ann Arbor. My friend is Buddhist, and her teacher, Traktung Rinpoche, will be speaking on the Heart of Awareness. I’m excited to be attending with her, as she’s always spoken highly of him and I’ve never attended anything like this before. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I’m currently without religion, after being raised Catholic for most of my life. But I’ve always been a searcher, interested in the experience of the “other” be it a different religion, a different race, even a different gender. (Which is probably why I ended up writing!) I spent most of my teenage years exploring the new age movement, going so far as to consider Wicca. But I’ve never found a religion that has felt quite right to me yet. Living in Ann Arbor, I’ve been lucky to be exposed to a lot of open mindedness in regards to religion, and I’ve considered Buddhism before, but never gotten serious. Part of me chafes at having someone tell me how to worship “God”, (can you tell I have a problem with authority?) part of me wonders if he even exists. But that’s my own problem.

Either way, tonight will be fun and educational. And we’re going here for tapas beforehand. Always fun!


  1. I'm writing a book about an Evangelical preacher right now, the kind with a one dimensional take on Got. It's a subject that fascinates me, how many followers these people have, what attracts us to their message.
    For myself, I find peace in the phrase, "Look under a rock and you will find me," from the Gospel of Thomas. Although there is quite a lot of hubbub as to its authentication, it seems just the kind of thing He would say. Best of luck in your quest.

    PS: I love the look of your site!

  2. Fellow seeker, how wondeful. I was raised Anglican (Church of England) and I'm still searching for spiritual fulfilment.

    I found you through Anette, added your link and hers to my blog. Hope you had fun.

    Bella aka Ednah