Blogging for Unpublished Writers

It’s funny how the collective hive-mind of the blogosphere works!

Author Jody Hedlund’s blog is fantastic and one I read regularly. Well, after yesterday’s post baring my blogging soul, I read her post on 3 Reasons to Start Blogging before a Book Contract and had to do a double take.

She said exactly what I’ve been thinking.

Rather than wrapping up the blog and taking a break, I decided to keep plugging along because I truly want to hear what you guys have to say, and I love connecting with you. I love that she calls it Networking with Geniuses.

I’ve learned so much from the blogs I follow that I feel like I know those people. I root and cheer for them like I would my friends. I love feeling their successes and supporting them if they have challenges.

You guys are my mentors and my network and I am so grateful to have you all to learn from! And even if I don’t have a book contract yet, I’m glad I’m out here, slogging through it with the support of this amazing writing community.


  1. Yay to keeping going. The writing community is the best ever! I think I wouldn't have had the drive I do now without it.

  2. Awesome, Jamie! Glad my post resonated! I think that there are a ton of benefits to blogging before publication. The struggle is keeping not letting it eat up our writing time and then finding the focus for our blogs that works best for us. And that will definitely look different for each of us!

  3. Thanks Lindsay! It's so easy to get discouraged, but thanks to you guys I'm definitley going to keep going!

  4. thumbs up!

  5. Thanks for commenting, Jody! I've learned so much from your blog, and it's definitley inspired me to keep blogging myself and search for the niche that works best for me.

    And as you can see, I'm still searching 🙂 But since this whole process is a journey, I'm starting to think there's nothing wrong with that!

  6. I would be lost without this blogging circle of friends! It's where I learn, stay connected, met my CP's, and find encouragement. And Jody's blog is one of the best! 🙂

  7. I agree! If I get stuck in a writer's rut, I check out some blogs, and suddenly I'm inspired again! 🙂

  8. I'm a new follower and glad to be one!!!

    I have to say this post is amazing! I couldn't agree more. We are sounded by geniuses (you are one as well!) and with each step we become more knowledgeable in our craft and the literary world!

    I started blogging in January and didn't know a thing about writing, now I know what NaNoWriMo, NaBloWriMo, ARC, WIP and several others mean where in January I thought it was a foreign language!!! I also learn about agents, publishers and other amazing things!

    Looking forward to see what you'll teach!

  9. Shannon – I totally agree – these bloggers are the best! I can't believe the generosity in this community!

    Racquel – It's amazing how everyone has a different perspective on this journey, I'm always inspired by everyone's posts as well!

  10. Welcome Jen! So glad you found me! And you make me blush 🙂 I'm no genius, but maybe I'll be one some day LOL.

    It's amazing how much there is to learn about the publishing business, but it sounds like you're getting all the lingo down 🙂 This is a great community of people to learn from, I think I'd be lost without them!

    And let me know if there's something specific you're interested in hearing about. I love blogging suggestions!

  11. Okay so I think I'll be following Jody's blog now, too. That was a great post, and I honestly never thought about those 3 reasons before but they are so true! It's so true – I really do feel like I am networking with geniuses.