Blog Tour

In honor of the release of Princess for Hire on March 1st, I’ll be hosting a few guest bloggers on my site over the next few weeks. Most of them will be MuseItUp Authors with books currently (or soon to be released). Gotta pass the love around, right?

Roseanne Dowell – March 2nd

Ginger Simpson – March 10th

Krista D. Ball – March 16th

I’ll also be doing a few  interviews around the blogosphere, and will hopefully have a few reviews of Princess for Hire to pass along. (As well as a few free copies for some lucky readers!)  Today, I am over at Dianna’s Writing Den with an interview. Hopefully some of you will stop by and comment/ask questions so I don’t look totally lame 🙂

It’s been interesting trying to write blog posts, find reviewers, answer interview questions and come up with fresh answers, but I’m so excited about how everything has turned out.

Talk about time consuming though – I can’t imagine how authors with novels coming out handle all this publicity!


  1. I’ll keep an eye out for your interviews! Have a great tour!

  2. Thanks Heather!!!

  3. Gosh, you must be so excited! Congrats on the book release and tour! 😀

  4. Thanks so much, Laura! There’s quite a bit of nervousness mixed into the excitement though LOL! I suppose that’s normal 🙂

  5. Very exciting. All the best with the tour!


  6. Thanks Misha!!! I’m hoping it goes well 🙂