Are You Fluent in Self?

Have you guys met Havi Brooks? She writes one of the most unique and interesting blogs out there called The Fluent Self.

Her focus (among other things) is how to make her life more authentic and how to take care of herself physically and emotionally. Definitely something I still need to work on a LOT! She takes a different approach by having conversations with herself, her monsters, and other things that are affecting her at the moment and letting us be a part of her process as she works through it on her blog. It’s pretty cool.

Well on Monday, she had a post A letter from me today to me a year from now.  And I thought it was a really amazing idea. I love the Letters to my Teenage Self series that quite a few authors are doing where they talk to their past selves and connect with where they started, but I think it’s just as important to connect with your future self as well. So I thought I’d take a stab it myself.

I went back and forth a dozen times on posting it here, but I know when I start to do that, I need to work through whatever fear is holding me back. So here goes…


Dear me in a year from now:

I’m not sure where to start, I have so many hopes and dreams for you that it’s a little bit scary talking to you. What if everything I want doesn’t come true? What if, a year from now, I’m still stuck where I am instead of moving forward?

But then I realize that life is never stuck – something is always changing. And everything I’m doing now, I’m doing for you. All of the personal stuff I’m working through, all of the learning and feeling and talking is so that your life is easier and more fulfilling. It’s scary now, dealing with all the stuff from my past that I’ve locked away for so long, but I know that the only way to give you what you need is to tackle it now. If I do it, you won’t have to.

I want to focus on learning how to love myself, so that you can really feel it. I want to remember to be proud of what I accomplish in stead of just shrugging it off. I want to give you a better sense of self. And I want to take care of myself – be kind to myself, because that will help you the most.

And what about all those writing dreams? I’ve been working hard on them, learning craft and structure and storytelling. I’ve found some great critique partners to help me grow as a writer and who I think will become good friends, and I’m excited about all the resources you’ll have to work with. Of course I hope you’ve found an agent, and a publishing contract. But even if you haven’t I know that I’ve created a strong foundation for you.

So what do I wish for you?

Strength, confidence, peace, calm, love, wonder, trust, forgiveness, delight, happiness, success, friendship.

And what will I do for you to help you achieve these things?

I will nap and read and get a pedicure or massage, I will take care of myself when I’m feeling run down or sad or tired.

I will be healthy and get enough exercise, I will eat healthier foods and work on my posture.

I will ask for what I need and communicate my wants and feelings instead of pushing them away or swallowing them.

I will have fun. I will laugh and jump and skip. I will take long walks and visit art museums and travel.

And most of all, I will remember that being good to myself now, is being good to you.

I hope this is our best year yet! Can’t wait to meet you!


I have to admit, this was surprisingly hard to write. I think it’s easier to talk to who you were than who you might become, but it’s an interesting exercise, it really does make you think about all the things you can do today to help your future self out.

So how about you guys? What would you want to say to you in a year from now?



  1. I’ve written these sorts of letters before, but I never really know what to say to myself. I guess in a way the books I write are letters to myself. I get so much more out of going back and rereading them than going back to reread a letter. Books best capture what I’m thinking about, dreaming about, learning about. And I can see how far I’ve come since writing them.

    • Yeah – I totally had a hard time with this one, I’m not sure that I’d do it again. I LOVE the idea that your books are the letters you write to yourself! It’s really true that you can see how far you’ve come. I think I might need to go back and re-read some of my old stuff!

      • Going back to read old writing is a great experience… unless, of course, you’ve been thinking of reviving the project and come to find out the whole thing will need a complete rewrite since your old writing is just so bad. Yeah… not like this has EVER happened to me or anything… *whistles innocently*

  2. This is an awesome idea. I can definitely see how it would be hard to write. I’m going to give it a try! I have no idea what I’ll say though…

    • Yeah – it’s really odd trying to figure out how to talk to your future self. But I suppose that’s a good thing. Stretches your writing skills or something LOL!

  3. Deeep. I did one to the child me, but I love this future self edition.

    • LOL – I don’t know if it’s deep, but we’ll pretend it is 😉

  4. That’s a great idea!

    Your letter is awesome!

    • Thanks Laura! It’s definitely an interesting exercise, I’ll say that!