Are you Boring?

CopyBlogger had an interesting post up this week on Invisible Content. And it really made me think about this blog and what I post here. But this comment in the article is what made me really sit up and listen:

If you’re writing and writing and you can’t capture attention, the awful truth is that your content is probably boring. But that’s not the last word on the subject.

No toddler is boring. Maddening, annoying, headache-inducing, sure. But they’re not boring. Humans just aren’t wired to be boring.

You used to be complicated and fascinating. Something made you boring. Somewhere along the line, you got punished for being interesting. You got ridiculed for being yourself. You got your hands slapped for coloring outside the lines, and you promised yourself you wouldn’t expose yourself to that again.

Wow. Talk about a wake up call. How many of us are too scared to post what we *really* think or feel? We don’t always do it consciously, but I know my self-censor is pretty tight. I don’t want to piss people off, hurt any one’s feelings, or expose myself to ridicule or failure. So my writing suffers. It becomes tame and boring. As does my life.

I used to be a Henna artist, doing festivals and traveling to people’s homes for wedding henna. I read tarot cards and crystals. I even contemplated becoming a Wiccan for a while in high school. I love science fiction, fantasy, romance, video games, reading, travel. I have interests and passions. I have pets and crazy family members. And yet I still feel like I’m boring and that no one will want to hear about my experiences with those things.

I am too self-conscious to really let myself go. 

I really love Tawna Fenske’s blog – she is fantastic! Funny, irreverent, and her mind is firmly in the gutter (which I absolutely love). She’s the blogger I wish I could be. Elana Johnson is another blogger who has no problem letting us really see and know her personality. Her posts are full of insight and self-awareness, they ask hard questions, but she’s never boring. And I could pick her fabulous writing out of a line up.

So how do I translate that into this blog?
What happened to the formerly fascinating me? And what exactly *am* I so scared of? These are all questions I’m not sure I can answer. Some where over the last few years I decided to box myself away and only show people the “HR” side of me – always professional, always calm, always in control. But that’s no fun – for me or for you!

I had a breakthrough of sorts last night when someone asked me about living in Europe. I told her I’d been terrified to go, but I wasn’t going to let a stupid thing like Fear stop me. Huh. What happened to that girl? I realize she’s been slipping away for a while. I think it’s time to get her back.

But where do you start?
Is it a mindset? An experience? Part of it is writing about things that you’re passionate about, but the rest of it? I suppose, when I think about the blogs I love to follow, they’re intensely personal, they show us a bit about the person and their view of the world. And they’re not afraid to stir up controversy. Definitely not something I’m comfortable with.

How about you? What are you scared of? What holds you back from posting or writing that crazy story of yours? Any suggestions on how to accomplish that?


  1. I think a lot of writers have the same fear. Our writing is so personal that it's hard to put it out there. It is a piece of us. I conquer the fear easily because my fear of not putting it out there, not sharing it and having it read, is greater.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following by the way! I love your blog so much I had to follow back!

  2. Huh, that's a great way to think of it, Heather. Not putting it out there *is* scarier! I'm going to have to remember that 🙂

    And thanks for following! I'm a huge fan of your blog too 🙂