Another Week, Another Story

Sorry blogging was light last week – it was my birthday, and R and I were up at the cottage in Charlevoix. It was wonderful – I always feel so relaxed and at peace up there. It’s hard to come home. Every time we go up, we talk about trying to find a job up there, living at the lake year round. My only fear is that if it’s no longer “vacation” it’ll be just another boring place to live. But I’d be willing to risk it 🙂

The other good thing about going up is that I always get tons of reading done. I got through two books I’d been dying to read – Catching Fire (the sequel to Hunger Games) and Storm Front (The first Harry Dresden novel). They were both really good! I’ll go into more detail (without spoilers) in another post.

But for now, I have to get back to critiquing – one of my crit partners has a request for a Full MS, and I’m buzzing through the chapters one last time before she sends it out. I’m so excited for her! Hopefully good things come in threes!

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  1. Haha! I'm hoping that too!! Here's to keeping our fingers crossed. 😉

    BTW–Didn't Catching Fire rock? And make you want hit something at the same time?