A Step in a New Direction

I have to apologize for the rather sparse blogging lately. Between a boss out on maternity leave, an insane schedule, editing/critting and a general blog ennui, I’ve kind of slacked off. At least it feels that way to me!

But no fear! Things will get better! I have some cool stuff for you next week. Sophia the Writer (a blog you should be following) is going to be here to talk about Prologues (near and dear to my heart as I try to decide if my story needs one). I’ll show you the writing room I made for myself. I might even do a recap of my first month as a published author! Exciting, right? 😉

In the future though, I think I might take the blog in a little bit of a different direction – both in content and look! I’ll still be talking about writing to an extent, but there will be a few other fun things thrown in. Stay tuned for further details!



  1. Oh dear, life is happening! 😉

    Congrats on a writing room—can’t wait to see!

    • LOL – I suppose you’re right. That is kind of what happens when life gets in the way 🙂

  2. Oh I can’t WAIT to see the photos – I love seeing writer spaces, although I always end up jealous at how neat everybody is. I can’t keep a space clean for more than an hour.

    I’ll give you a hint on prologues – they better be DARN good and with information UTTERLY ESSENTIAL to the plotline, meaning the audience will have NO IDEA what’s going on in the novel without it…

  3. Oh I’ll look for the prologue post. I try to avoid them, but in one book, I had to put one in. Hopefully I did it right!
    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

    • I try to avoid them too, Angela. But sometimes your stories have other ideas 🙂