A Star Thief Teaser

Last week I started sending out review copies of THE STAR THIEF. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how nerve-wracking that whole process is! I basically hold my breath until the first feedback starts to trickle in. In this case, I didn’t have to wait long. The amazing Pili over at In Love with Handmade finished it last night! I am in awe and SO SO happy she liked it! (She may have even admitted she stayed up late to read! Eeep!)

So now that I know at least one person liked it, I thought I’d whet your appetite just a little. Here’s a teaser – the first page of THE STAR THIEF. Hope you enjoy!



Renna should have known better than to trust Boyd when he said a job would be easy. Her hand crept to the stolen pendant at her throat, squeezing it before tucking it back under her shirt. Damn Boyd and his powers of persuasion. If she’d known she’d have to spend the last four days crouched behind a stinking dumpster, she would have thrown the contract back in his face. Nothing was worth having the smell of rotting garbage burned into your nose. Nothing except enough money to buy a small planet.

She shifted on her heels and studied the hulking steel building in front of her. The warehouse itself seemed normal, other than the deadly, high-tech fence surrounding it. And the perpetual presence of four armed guards.

The blue glow of the laser locks on each door cut through the gray morning like warning beacons. A few high windows let a little light into the cavernous building, but they were framed with thick Saltani iron bars. No matter how much she stared, she wasn’t getting in that way. Nothing cut through those suckers.

Renna sighed. At twenty three, she was more than ready to get out of the mercenary business, but retrieving the Qualified Gamma Particle Destabilizer was too big a job to pass up. The newest tech from Aladea Science Investments could vaporize matter from long distances, even off-world. If anyone else found out it actually existed, it would start an intergalactic war.

Despite the olfactory assault, her stakeout hadn’t been a complete waste. She’d memorized the routine of the warehouse down to the second. Two men on this side, the other two around back. Shift change every four hours. If she timed it right, she could sneak in the back door when Guard Number Four went for his daily constitutional.

She shuddered. Whatever the man ate kept him regular as clockwork.



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