9 Things to (Not) Do on Vacation

Yes, I am back from vacation – 7 perfect days in Northern Michigan. Charlevoix to be specific. And I wish (oh how I wish) that I was back there. My dad is originally from there, and I spent summers there while growing up, so it’s the one place in the world that feels like a sanctuary and a retreat to me.

This year, I desperately needed that sanctuary. With starting a new job, giving up on one book and starting work on another, crazy coworkers, pets who can’t sleep through the night, and enough other stress to fry my brain, I needed to get away.

And so I did. My one goal while on vacation was to do absolutely nothing. Mission accomplished.

This is how I did nothing during my Fall Vacation:

1. Watch the Sun Rise over Lake Charlevoix

2. Sleep Until Noon (Most days)

3. Walk on the Pier

4. Enjoy the Sunshine

5. Read a Book (Nine to be precise – reviews will be forthcoming)

6. Shopping Therapy in Petoskey

7. Feel the Wind in My Hair

8. Eat Lunch at an Outdoor Cafe (I had no idea a Whitefish Club Sandwich would be so delish!)

9. Watch the Moon Rise


  1. Oh, that sounds heavenly! I would really like to travel thru the States more.
    That sunrise picture is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Michigan gets a bad rap, but parts of it are really breathtaking. And even on those days when I want to escape to someplace warm and sunny, I'm still glad to live here!

    I really want to see other states more though too – I've only been a few places so far myself!